More Helpful Advice For The Budding Business Owner

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Every day, business owners face daunting responsibilities that never seem to end. After solving a problem, another challenge arises. That’s the life of the business owner. As such, business owners have to do many things at the same time, and they have to do them well. They need to be on their toes the whole day, and never drop the ball. Doing so could result in disaster given the magnitude of their responsibilities.

But knowing a few things can make business owners’ lives considerably easier. For example, when deciding to make use of capital investment and purchase equipment that would make a business better, seasoned entrepreneurs would know that business expansion takes priority over cutting costs. The same

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goes when it comes to hiring specialists for specialized tasks. Though it may cost the company a pretty penny, it is a better alternative than hiring people who have very little experience in the required field.

Business owners also know the difference between business development and sales. These are two very different things, and it’s very important to know that taking care of sales is only taking care of a small part of the business. Though boosting sales is always a good thing, business owners should never ignore other business processes such as the payment of rent and taxes, and acquiring all the pertinent business permits, and keeping all of them updated.

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The right pace for startup growth

A lot of young professionals opt to jumpstart their careers in startups with hopes that they will grow professionally as the company expands. While working in a startup might mean having to deal with a lot of trial and error as well as juggling different roles, it can become a great learning opportunity for the employee. Startups will not always be startups; they will have to grow over time. However, many startups grew too fast, leaving hopefuls with nothing but a separation pay. What is the right pace for startup growth, and what can owners learn from it?

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There is no such thing as a right pace when it comes to startup growths. While there are companies that follow the 10 percent growth rule, or the 5 to 7 percent a week in terms of financial growth; not all successful startups have the same recipe for success.

Some startups will take time before they find their fame, and others will boost too fast. Not all revenues are created equal. Some startups have high gross margins with predictable income schemes, while others live for years from a one-time revenue. Sometimes, hyper growth in startups requires significant work, as it can make or break a company’s future. It is truly a case to case basis, but it is up to the organization’s leaders to form a specific growth strategy that will make the startup a company that lasts. Proper financial planning and goal setting are critical, so the startup and its employees will soar to greater heights.

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Haris Ahmed is the CEO and top management consultant of Pragmatium Consulting Group. He is also a charter member at OPEN Chicago. Learn more about his work by visiting this page.

Why Business Owners Should Invest In New Technology

When people want to see how far along they’ve evolved as a species, they need not look any further than technology. The inventions, all the latest innovations – they are all signs of just how humanity has advanced.

Technology is a huge plus in everyone’s lives, and in everyday living. This is evident in entrepreneurship. The latest technology is undoubtedly invaluable to a company.

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Two of the biggest benefits companies can get from investing in new technology are shorter production time and a higher level of efficiency. What does this mean? Shorter production times mean higher productivity, while a higher level of efficiency translates to products of better quality. Higher productivity means higher returns, while better quality means more satisfied customers. Of course, all this still depends on the human factor, which technology supports.

When business owners take into consideration the competition, they have to foresee that the company with better and newer technology has a greater chance of coming out ahead, since it will have better products sold at lower prices.

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Another advantage companies have when investing in tech is the long-term savings. It’s inevitable for gadgets to break down in time, and purchasing new tech is almost always cheaper than maintaining old ones.

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Taking the pragmatic approach to business conundrums

In running an enterprise, there is no room for anything that isn’t known to work. Redundant or ineffective measures are a drain on the company’s fiscal resources, costing time and money that could be better spent improving the core product or service.

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Selecting solutions that work, however, shouldn’t be based on the cheapest (or, conversely, the most expensive) options on the table. Fortunately, business leaders are not limited to either sparing no expense or cutting corners and can instead look for ideas that are simultaneously economical and effective or strike a reasonable compromise between the two.

On the surface, the logic of either finding a cheap solution or spending money on an expensive one seems sound enough. A problem with inefficiency is frequently solved with proposals that cut obstructions in business processes and the costs of doing so. Likewise, paying good money for something that works is a significant investment that will yield returns as it improves the operations of the business.

The cost of a solution to a problem is relative to its lifespan. Solutions that work in the short term, for instance, may prove to be too expensive to be sustainable. Some solutions may be effective but could cost a lot in terms of time and money, which may not always be immediately available to the business. At times, some so-called solutions turn out little more than band-aid measures.

The best approach to solving business problems is to look for ideas that get into the root of the issues and fix them. Whether it’s cost-effective or worth the cost, a pragmatic solution thinks ahead and outright eliminates the possibility of the problem’s recurrence and the associated expenses such a scenario would entail.

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Haris Ahmed is the founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., a company that provides advisory services to help businesses improve their efficiency. Visit this website for more information on his company and its services.

Haris Ahmed- Driving Sustainable Change in Business

Haris Ahmed

Sustainability is one of the buzzwords of the 21st century. Many apply it to long term engineering projects that look to have no use after having served their purpose, such as at events like the Olympics and World Cup. However, the term is increasingly working its way into business circles, as more and more companies try to secure their longevity and future prosper. In the ever competitive age of commerce in the 21st century, it is no surprise to know that over 50% of businesses that start up in the US fail and close within three years of operations. With this knowledge, businesses are recognizing their own mortality, and are taking more approaches to ensure their future.

Haris Ahmed, Top Management Consultant and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., has always had sustainability at the heart of his advisory business practices. For Haris Ahmed, helping a business reach its full potential is not only about short-term gain, but ensuring it has a solid foundation to built on for the future. Pragmatium, as suggested by the name, pride themselves on being able to take a pragmatic approach to business consultancy. Not only do they recognize the importance of advising on how best to implement change management in a company, but offer practical and case-study based solutions on how best to go about this.

Whilst this might seem obvious to business laymen, you would be surprised at how few consultancy services actually go the extra step in offering applicable practical advice to their clients. When discussing solutions to business change, be it organizational architecture, strategic alteration of merger integration solutions, Pragmatium and Haris Ahmed ensure that they always discuss with the leadership ways in which these changes will stand the test of time.

Keeping one eye on the future and anticipating how thing might develop is crucial in being able to do this, and is what have made Pragmatium the go-to consultancy service for all businesses in Chicago looking to seal their longevity and future prosper. At Pragmatium, their guiding principle is ”Leave our clients in a better condition than the one in which we found them”. Through their ideas and implementable solutions, they solve clients’ most vexing organizational and leadership challenges while adding value throughout the journey. Find out more about them here at Haris Ahmed Naperville, Oak Brook.

Haris Ahmed, Cultivating Leadership in Organizations

Haris Ahmed

When looking to grow, expand or simply maintain good business operations, a company must look internally as well as externally. The instant reaction for many businesses may be to recruit better staff to improve efficiency, or invest in better equipment/locations/offices etc. However, recent studies have shown that it can be even more effective to simply improve the internal workings of a business. Not only does this save money, but also can build morale within as well as streamlining operations. For this reason, many companies in the business and commerce sector now turn to management consultancy agencies such as Pragmatium Consulting. These exemplary organizations specialize in helping leaders within organizations reach their full potential and steer companies towards their strategic goals.

Haris Ahmad is an Expert Business Specialist, and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting. The company, based in Chicago, utilize a blend of their consulting services toward their proprietary approaches and methodologies to diagnose and solve clients’ challenges and help them overcome them. They work at the intersection of strategy, organizational alignment, and effectiveness of leaders to drive organizational and individual performance.

Two of their key services involve partnering with CEOs and senior leaders by framing change segmented by the needs of different stakeholders and providing feed-forward coaching that essentially causes a transformation in individual thinking and produces greater results for the business. These services are split into two programs; CEO Advisory and Executive Coaching. The CEO advisory entails charting a CEO’s first 100 days  to monitor the current level of performance. They also advise on how to manage a CEO’s relationship with the Board, to ensure positive and fruitful internal relations are functional. Furthermore, the Pragmatium Consulting create a personal communication strategy for the CEO  and implement succession planning for the CEO to help them build and develop strategy.

The executive coaching program offers similar benefits for leaders within the organization Haris Ahmed and his experts help develop an effective senior team by defining leadership requirements. They also plan pipeline development to ensure the leaders are able to implement the newly designed strategies,and help leaders identify mission critical roles. Haris Ahmed Naperville, and his team at Pragmatium Consulting have shown exemplary results when it comes to internally training organizations leaders. Their pragmatic  approach to business solutions  has made them one for the most sought after consulting agencies in the area, and with this growth the future looks very bright for them.

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Advantages chose must be quantifiable and in a perfect world upheld by pertinent information. Cautious arranging at the beginning is required to draw in with every single significant partner to concur need zones and close down the advantages. This assists the with preparing to run easily and builds purchase in. Haris Ahmed is a leading pragmatics who can help in big way. He is also available on social media and one follow Haris Ahmed on Linkedin. His tweets are also very effective and on can also follow Haris Ahmed on Twitter.

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The presentation of committed change and advantage supervisor parts for the most part serves to raise the association’s development to react emphatically to change. He likewise counsels in people in general, private and the not-revenue driven segments. Mike has composed various smash hit books, including: Making Sense of Change Management, Change Management Masterclass, Making Sense of Leadership and Leadership and Personal Development.

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haris Ahmed Best Consultant For Work

On the off chance that your business has ever survived business process realignment, from tending to the administrative prerequisites to frameworks coordination and new programming executions, you realize what an enormous time and spending plan expending generation this can be.

Haris Ahmed – Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. is getting an outer IT counseling organization can help your association to explore and get past a move most successfully, and with fewer issues than with depending all alone in-house ability.

Doing as such additionally considers critical investment funds both short and particularly long haul. A trustworthy IT counseling organization adds to their aggregate aptitude pool by procuring exceedingly prepared IT specialists. Having more than one field of mastery, appropriately staffed IT counseling organization can give critical consultative and execution points of interest to any little to medium size business, contrasted with the in-house staff or a solitary IT master. The skill additionally originates from arrangement with different IT Partners, with added capacity to convey the innovation’s best to the customers.

Haris Ahmed | Sensei International  is dissimilar to an entrepreneur who may have endeavored or rebuilt the business once or only a couple times, IT and innovation consultants have involvement in actualizing activities for a huge number and a mixture of diverse associations – on the grounds that that is their specialty professionally. Having gained from those progressions and procedures before, IT specialists can convey colossal ability to the table. Adding to an undertaking extension, change administration plan, or working with distinctive levels of administration all through an association is a commonplace domain to a decent IT counseling group.